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 German dog

German dogs were once called ''Alsatians.'' They were originally bred for hunting, but their size and personality are such that they also made excellent companions and pets. The breed is said to have originated in Switzerland, where they are most often used for their herding, guarding, and hunting capabilities. They are also known as ''German shepherds,'' ''German shepherds,'' ''German mastiff,'' and ''Alsatian.''

In the late 16th Century, dogs did not live past the age of ten, so they were a rare sight in Europe. However, the impact that they had was universal and very powerful. Part of this impact came from the way that dogs affected everyday life. In Europe, they were primarily used for hunting and retrieving, but in the New World where dogs were not native, they played an even larger role.

The German shepherd was initially a working dog, used to accompany humans to protect them on their journeys, but it soon became a family pet. The terriers later became popular throughout Europe and other parts of the world, and by the 19th century, the German shepherd had become a symbol of the nation.

All the German dogs in the world are descendants of the German shepherd who developed the breed in the nineteenth century, and who remains perhaps its greatest influence.

A German dog is a German breed of dog. They are vivacious and energetic dogs and are known for their social and friendly nature. They are easily trained and easily trainable – they are beloved family pets, an ideal companion, and loyal protector.