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yoga with Cassandra

 Who is Kassandra from Yoga with Kassandra?

Originally from Gatineau in Quebec, Kassandra Reinhardt may be a thirty-year-old Canadian yoga pedagogue, presently based mostly in Cumberland, Ontario. Kassandra has been active in yoga since 2008. She started her YouTube channel in 2014 once she was newly qualified as the simplest way to make a reputation for herself, with the ultimate goal of teaching additional categories in studios. Safe to mention, her goals have been modified on the way!

Joining Kassandra’s categories

As well as videos on the market for free of charge on her YouTube channel, Kassandra offers a subscription membership to access content through her website that features a wider selection and depth of the fabric. you may be ready to access videos like her satellite Yoga Series, Advanced Chakra Meditation, and Meditation for Beginners. the price is USD 13.99 monthly, discounted for a full year. Kassandra additionally offers online teacher coaching in principle Yoga for lecturers United Nations agency would like to supply principles in their categories, students United Nations agency would like to understand additional concerning the observe, skilled instructors, trying to find in progress coaching, and new instructors trying to find steerage and support. Her course is Yoga Alliance certified. She additionally printed the book principle Yoga: Stretch the aware manner.

What to Expect From Kassandra

When Kassandra started her channel she was additionally operating for the town of Ottawa within the emergency and protecting services department. She would rent an associate workplace area one evening every week, film for seven hours, then pay for her weekends writing and dealing on her YouTube channel. During the pandemic, Kassandra and her husband moved to a rural area. She currently features a permanent yoga area in her house, active ahead of a bright window, or generally in her garden. She has 2 cats, Cleo and Kitkat, and a dog referred to as Luna. Her videos are relaxed, informal, lo-fi but well-lit and he or she captures the audio clearly, with a tiny low on-body mike.

Kassandra’s Yoga Teaching

Kassandra features a shut relationship together with her audience, participating often and soliciting directions on the kinds of workouts they’d like. She’s heat and her videos are informal and friendly. “I love Yoga with Kassandra’s ten-minute morning yoga videos! They’ve extremely helped ME build a routine around doing yoga daily. She did a night yoga series, too!” - Twitter “Thank you for this flow! And thanks for giving such a beautiful style of flow through your channel! I do know I will invariably realize the proper one for the day with you! 🥰 and most of all thanks for serving to ME build yoga into a locality each day!! Namasté 🙏” - YouTube Kassandra recently supplementary some French-language videos to her channel, and over the past number of months, she’s begun fostering cats for a neighborhood shelter, uploading short videos of lovable kittens to her channel aboard her yoga practices. Watching recorded videos like those created by Kassandra are often excellent thanks to observing yoga. they assist you to get what style of yoga is correct for you, whereas learning the fundamentals in exceedingly air mass surroundings. However, being active with a lecturer either via a Livestream or in an exceeding studio, in tandem bicycle with freelance workouts, can facilitate keep you intended, grow your observe and any your data.

yoga with Cassandra

yoga with Cassandra Cassandra is my yoga instructor. She’s one of the most welcoming, encouraging, and inspirational people I’ve ever met. I’ve been going to her classes for nearly a year now, and I couldn’t imagine going to a different yoga instructor. She’s made yoga accessible to me in a way that I never imagined possible.

I’ve been reading a lot about yoga lately. It’s been a big part of my recovery since my accident. Back when I was still in the hospital, yoga helped me regain my mental strength and balance. It helped me feel more in control of my body, which was a big part of my recovery.

I’ve been looking for a yoga class that fits my schedule and my style. I’m looking for something to help me relax and unwind, something that will help me cultivate my mind and body, and something that will help me connect with the people around me. I’ve found a yoga class that fits all of those needs, and my favorite part of the class is the quiet time in between classes where I get to connect with my teacher and my other classmates. I’ve found yoga to be more than just a physical activity, it’s a way of life that has helped me connect with my body and my mind in such a profound way.

I’m excited to welcome you to another yoga with Cassandra. This week we’ll be working on some basic poses to improve your flexibility and strengthen your core. I’ll guide you through the poses, but feel free to ask questions and take direction when you’re unsure of how to proceed. I’ll also be adjusting you as needed to help you get into the right positions.

I’ve been taking yoga classes with Cassie, my friend who works at the bank, for a while now. She’s really good at explaining things so I understand what I’m doing wrong and how to fix it. I’ve been trying to do yoga on my own since I started working at the bank, but I can’t seem to figure out what I’m doing wrong. I think I need to take some more classes with Cassie before I try to do yoga on my own again.