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Maltese dog 

Maltese dogs are medium-sized, long-haired, and readily tamed. They are descendants of the dogs used by monks to guard their monasteries, especially the Cistercian abbeys. They are known as ‘Maltese’, but are also sometimes called ‘Shetland Sheepdogs’ and ‘Poodle’.

A Maltese dog is a medium-sized dog with the herding instinct of the collie and is a member of the Herding Group of the Canid family. These dogs are especially known for their ability to herd sheep, goats, cows, and buffalo, and to point and retrieve.

The Maltese dog, or Maltese, is a breed of dog. They are known for their small size, high intelligence, and friendly temperament. The Maltese dog is the most common breed in Malta and all of Europe.

Dogs are the most popular pet in the United States. They are also extremely loyal pets. You can find Maltese dogs that come from rescue sources, purebreds, and pet stores. They are very good watchdogs and will keep you safe from intruders.

The first word of the breed name, Maltese, is said to come from the Arab word for "stone," which is malta. But that is not the only origin of the name. Another is said to be from Maltese Falcon, the 1929 film that follows private investigators Sam Spade and Philip Marlow as they investigate a series of crimes.

The modern Maltese dog, or Maltese, belongs to the group St. Bernard and is often referred to as a “Newfie”. They are short-legged, triangular-shaped dogs with long snouts, and drop ears. Named for St. Bernard, a protector of pilgrims and rescue workers, St. Bernard is a tall, medium-sized breed, and is the most common St. Bernard breed throughout the world. St. Bernards are hard-working, fine-spirited, and boisterous.

Dogs are descendants of the dogs used to guard the ancient monasteries, especially the Cistercian abbeys. They are also sometimes called the monastic or Benedictine breed.