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American Shorthair Cats

 American Shorthair Cats 

American Shorthair cats are affectionate, smart, and loyal pets. They are good with kids and can be tolerant of other pets. Compared with other breeds of cat, they are fairly docile and not aggressive toward strangers.

My American Shorthair cats seem to be born knowing their cats are great cats. They are so loving and affectionate, they give us kisses, and so active, they jump on and off our laps. My oldest cat, Sam, has been with us since his litter box accident at age 10 (he could barely walk at that time) and has never forgotten us. He follows us all around the house and when we go places, he is always with us and waiting for us to return.

One of the reasons why American Shorthair cats were listed as endangered was due to a combination of factors. As breeders of shorthairs, cat lovers paid particular attention to the health issues faced by their cats. For that reason, they became dedicated to the promotion of healthy, happy cats through education, testing, and counseling. They also felt strongly that their cats should be able to live with people, but should be free to live with other cats as well, and with some limitations.

At the time of the Revolutionary War, American shorthair cats were among the most common household pets, and many of them lived in the United States until the middle of the twentieth century. American Shorthair cats were not just known for their soft fur; they were also known for their strong personalities, and, not surprisingly, they were not tolerant of other cats.

American Shorthair cats have a reputation for being strong-willed, independent, and assertive. They are intelligent, love to play, and like to bond with people. They tend to be affectionate with their owners, but they are often wary of strangers and will not allow anybody to approach them closely.

The American Shorthair was used for a variety of purposes, including, but not limited to, hunting, herding, showing, and general companionship. Due to their size, they were often used as hunting companions for larger animals, such as dogs and wolves, but were also extremely popular as family pets.

Sometime after 1778, the first cat café opened its doors, offering food and table service to keep cats happy and healthy, waiting tables hand-picked by each cat's owner.

Shorthair cats were relegated to the "pet cat" ghetto until the 1960s, when breeders and first-time pet owners began looking for a different type of cat to match their home and lifestyle. They found it in the Siamese cats, which had been around for years and had characteristics that appealed to them, such as a sweet disposition, a sunny, alert expression, and a high energy level.

As people have become accustomed to keeping their cats indoors and pets have become accustomed to living indoors, fewer people choose to own a cat.